2018 General Election - OFCC Candidate Survey Submission
Welcome to the Ohioans For Concealed Carry PAC Candidate Survey Submission Form.   This document is intended to be completed by either an actual candidate or an authorized representative of a candidate.  If we did not directly send you here to complete this form please use the Contact Us form at http://www.OhioCCW.org and contact us asking for a confirmation code.    

Alternatively, you may complete this form, populate the confirmation code with a unique string of digits of your choice, and then contact us after the fact to verify that the submission was legitimately submitted on behalf of the candidate.
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Will you support or oppose legislation that will completely remove the notification requirement for CHL holders during interactions with Law Enforcement?
Do you support or oppose HB33, the "Safe Storage Act", legislation that can cause a legal gun owner to become a felon if a child gains access to his firearms?
Would you support or oppose legislation expanding Ohio's current “Castle Doctrine” law by removing the duty to retreat for a victim of violent crime before responding with deadly force, as long as the victim is legally entitled to be in the place the attack occurs?
Would you support or oppose legislation that requires a person to be found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt for self defense cases rather than by the affirmative defense standard that is Ohio’s current law?
Would you support or oppose legislation requiring publicly funded colleges to allow Concealed Handgun License holders to carry their handguns on campus?
Would you support or oppose legislation forbidding the government from confiscating legally owned firearms during a state of emergency?
Would you support or oppose legislation that outlaws accessories that increase a firearms rate of fire, such as bumpstocks?
Article 1, section 4 of the Ohio Constitution reads, “The people have the right to bear arms for their defense and security…”. Do you support or oppose applying that concept to the ability of Ohio citizens to own and carry firearms in today’s world?
Do you support or oppose the concept of ORC 9.68, which specifies that all firearm laws will be State Laws, and cities, other municipalities, and political subdivisions can not create and enforce their own regulations?
Do you support or oppose the concept of Constitutional Carry in Ohio? Everyone is presumed a licensee and must follow the laws as a license holder. The State would still issue licenses for purposes of reciprocity.
Do you believe that posted “gun free zones” that prohibit legal guns from being carried are safer or more dangerous than non posted locations?
What is your overall opinion on gun rights in Ohio? Do you think we the people should have more rights, or less? Please be specific on which rights should be increased or decreased.
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