Game Dev London - GGJ 2021 - Schedule Submission
Thank you for interest in being part of the Game Dev London - Global Game Jam 2021 schedule. This a great opportunity to help students and veterans alike, by giving them insights into interesting and unique aspects of the industry. There will be several slots across the three days for all manner of talks, workshops, panels, and other events.

All of our talks and events will take place in our Discord. Please make sure you have signed up by visiting:

We want to put together the best panels we can, whilst also giving an opportunity to voices that are heard less often. Please fill in all of your details below and we will get back to all applicants in the next few weeks.

Deadline for entries - January 15th 2020 5pm GMT

Sign up for the jam:

Friday Jan 29th @ 5:00 PM GMT to Sunday Jan 31st @ 5:00 PM GMT
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Diversity and Inclusion Questions
We want all of these sessions to represent the diversity of the Game Dev London community and the games industry as a whole, so these questions are included to assist us in highlighting diverse and lesser heard voice within the industry to reflect on those facts. The following questions are optional, but will help us to ensure the panels are reflective of both the Game Dev London community and the games industry. This information will not be shared with any third parties and you do not have to answer any of them.
To which gender identity do you most identify?
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