MT16 Game Submission Form
This is the game submission form for Mystery Tournament 16, allowing you to suggest games to be raced as part of MT16 matches (pending Tester approval.) Please review the rules and information on before submitting a game. Pay special attention to the banlist at:
and the submission guidelines page

If you wish to personally compete in the tournament, you should submit at least two (2) games, as well as register in the Challonge bracket and fill out the MT16 Contact form, both linked below:
The deadline for sign-ups is November 12th, 2021. You are welcome to continue submitting games after that point, but the Challonge Bracket will be closed at midnight.

Submission Status can be checked at

For any questions, please contact BlasphemousRoar or any of the other testers on the Mystery Discord Server.
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Challonge Username *
e.g. Mr_E
Game Title *
e.g. Mr. Nutz
Goal *
e.g. Beat World 2
Platform *
Pastebin/Rentry Link *
Please provide a pastebin or Rentry for the players to read before racing. See further details below.
Your pastebin should include the
• Starting Point
• Ending Point
• Controls
• Consequences of Deaths, Game Overs, and Continues
• Changes in Settings before the race
• Order to complete non-linear elements (ie. Level Select)
and any other information you believe it is important for the players to know to have a fair race.

Example Pastebin:

Make sure your pastebin is set to be *Unlisted* and Not to Expire.
Download Link *
Please do not use link shorteners. If applicable, use host on drive.
Does your Game have any Player Restrictions?
Players will be informed of these warnings before the game is revealed, and offered a redraw if relevant.
Time Estimate
Please list your time in completing this goal blind, or a guess if you have not timed it without foreknowledge. Our goal is to have races between players of average skill take between 30 and 60 minutes.
Why does this game make a good MT race?
Please provide any comments for the testers' eyes about your submission, and why people should play it in a tournament setting.
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