Splash! (Virtual) Spring 2021 Teacher/Moderator Application
Splash! at Cornell is a unique program that joins over 20 peer institutions in bringing a "teach anything, learn anything" philosophy to campus every semester. We need your help to teach interesting, interactive, and fun courses! You will have an opportunity to provide 7th-12th graders with instruction on any topic -- it doesn't have to be academic.

You will be allowed to teach one or two classes, and each class can have multiple sections. Undergraduate and graduate students of all years are encouraged to apply. We accept both individual applications and group-taught courses, as well as courses sponsored by campus organizations.*

You can also volunteer to moderate. Moderators are responsible for acting as support for the teacher in each classroom, attending each course to ensure Codes of Conduct are followed. You can sit in on Splash! classes and help ensure good quality classes.

Check out our Spring 2021 catalog (https://cornell.learningu.org/learn/Splash/spring2021/catalog)!

The Spring 2021 Splash! at Cornell will take place VIRTUALLY on May 1, 2021!

If you are interested in teaching, please fill out this application as soon as possible!

Email splashcornell@gmail.com if you have any questions.

*Unfortunately, because the teacher registration deadline has passed, we are only accepting moderator applications at this time.
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Splash! classes are typically interactive and fun affairs, so give some thought to the activities and presentation methods you may want to use. All class descriptions have space for prerequisites (e.g. "has taken at least a year of American history", "can expand binomials using FOIL"). If you plan to just moderate for Splash!, you can put N/A.
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