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Working Mission Statement:
Community Oasis Igniting Liberation: Each aspect of our name centers the heart of our values into our praxis: The grounding power of Community, the healing power of the water in a desert Oasis, the fiery action of ignition, of art to start, to shift and sustain the air of Liberation. We are a Black Trans Neurodiverse + Disabled Communal living Collective and POC Queer Artist Collaborative, that lives in and hosts artistic, educational, healing and community based events and artistic projects in their physical living space and community spaces in Crown Heights Brooklyn.

Like the COIL of our hair, and the COIL of a spiral: we intend to put into practice collective art-making, healing, + liberation from within our personal selves; our inter personal relationships as collaborators, our circle of Black+POC, Queer+Trans, Neurodiverse and Disabled peers; our collective healing, artistic, and liberatory praxis as roommates; and our collaborative praxis as artists, educators, facilitators, healers, producers, and community advocates towards liberation for our communities, audience, guests, neighbors, participants and the greater public. This spiral of organization centers our practice as an individual artist as a creative or producer, and expands into our the way we mutually consent to collaborate and co-create in our relationships: as artistic collaborators who live together; our relationship with our peers, peeps and community; our relationship as artistic collaborators who create and collaborate with each other, and expands to our relationship with our audience, co-creating accessible braver spaces in tandem with everyone’s needs. We put Black Queer Disability Liberation theory into practice and share our skills and praxis with our communities thru artistic, educational, healing and liberatory programming and projects. We as a Collaborative are building towards coalition-building with other arts, liberatory, community based organizations, healing networks and cultural producers.
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