GGCC Worship Service Sign-up 金門基督教會主日崇拜聚會登記
We will confirm your acceptance by Saturday noon. 我們會在星期六中午前確定 您 / 您一家 是否可以來參加。

Any registration after Saturday noon will be on the waitlist. 星期六中午之後的任何註冊都將列入當周候補名單上。

**Please arrive on time. Your seats will not be guaranteed 10 minutes after the service starts.
Name 姓名 *
Phone Number 電話號碼 *
Email Address (if not available, write "n/a") 電郵地址 (如果沒有電郵,請填寫 n/a ) *
I / My household would like to attend the following worship service this coming Sunday (For English service, please visit 我 / 我一家 希望這星期天參加這以下的崇拜聚會 *
Are you a coworker for that worship service this coming Sunday? 您是這星期天崇拜聚會的同工嗎? *
Besides you, how many in your household are coming to that worship service? 除了您以外,您家有多少人會一起來參加那崇拜聚會? *
Do you plan to come every Sunday from now on? 您是否計劃以後每星期天都來參加? *
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