Canine Adoption Application
The non-refundable adoption donation for canines is $165.

This form is designed to help you find the dog most compatible with your lifestyle. Completion of this application does not guarantee adoption of an ELPO dog. Please respond to the questions as completely as possible.

In order to adopt from East Lake Pet Orphanage you must:

1.) Be 21 years of age or older
2.) Have a valid driver's license
3.) Be the receiving owner of the dog. No gift adoptions are permitted.
4.) Be willing to provide proper care, training, and medical treatment for the dog.

Filling out an application does not guarantee approval to adopt a pet. Also, orphanage staff may not be aware of how many applications are in process on an individual pet since applications are accepted at multiple locations and online. Priority is given to previous adopters with a history optimal pet care, the best adoptive situation for a pet based on the pet's personality, as well as the chronology with which applications are received. Once approved, you will receive notification by email or phone call, generally within 72 hours to a week, when a full application review and verification can be completed. Incomplete applications are not considered. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we try to facilitate the best matches for our orphans and their new prospective adoptive families.
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Number of adults in the household *
Number of children in the household *
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Are all of the adults in your household aware that you are adopting a dog and in agreement? *
What type of housing do you live in? *
Do you own or rent? *
Landlord/Apartment Complex Name *
Landlord/Leasing Office Phone *
Do you have a fenced yard? If so, what type? *
Why do you want to own a dog? *
Have you ever had a dog/puppy before? *
What qualities are you looking for in your new companion? *
Which of the following would be a serious problem for you? *
How many hours each day will the dog be left alone? *
Where will the dog be kept when alone? *
Where will the dog be kept when you are at home? *
Where will the dog sleep at night? *
If you move, what provisions will you make for the dog/puppy? *
Current Pets *
If you presently have a companion animal(s), please list their name, breed, age, and gender (or N/A if this does not apply)
Previous Pets
If you previously had a companion animal(s), please provide their name, breed, years owned and what happened
Provide the name(s) and contact numbers for your current/prior veterinary clinic(s) for any pets owned, living or deceased, in the past 7 years *
We will contact your veterinarian(s) to ensure that your pets are up to date on their medical records and vaccinations.
Have you ever turned a pet into East Lake Pet Orphanage or another shelter?
If yes, please explain.
If your new dog is not housebroken, how will you correct him/her when there is an accident and what method will you use to train him/her? *
When you go on vacation/travel, who will care for your dog? *
How much are you willing to spend on medical bills for your dog? *
What will you do if the bills go over this amount? *
Are you ready to take responsibility for this dog/puppy for the next 10-15+ years? *
Have you previously applied to adopt a dog or cat from ELPO? If yes, when? *
How did you hear about the dog you're applying to adopt? *
Please verify your information. *
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