Social Media Internship
Join the Social Media Intern Team and help bolster our presence across all social media platforms as a cohesive unit, working together to make this world a better place for animals.


--4-month commitment.
--20 hours a week.
--1 hour weekly check-in call


--Experience on social media
--Effective communication and ability to learn how to speak in The Humane League’s “voice”
--Desire to achieve success on social media, even if that requires conducting monotonous work at times
--Attentive to detail
--Self-starting and motivated
--Quickly responding to communication from your supervisor and other members of the team
--Preferred: excellent writing skills
--Preferred: experience running/operating other social media pages


--Maximizing the good that The Humane League can do for animals on social media
--Building our social media following
--Quickly and efficiently interacting with our followers
--Helping to win campaigns quickly
--Contributing creatively to The Humane League’s presence on social media


--Engaging as The Humane League on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.
--Scheduling posts on various social media platforms
--Replying to incoming messages
--Moderating comments and engaging with followers
--Assisting with our expansion into other social media platforms
--Assisting in the creative process for potential graphics, videos, and other content
--Creating graphics and other media to use across our social media streams
--Content procurement — gathering and organizing usable and inspirational content
--Collecting relevant data from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
--Conducting research assignments around social media

Email address
How/where did you learn about this internship opportunity?
What draws you to interning with The Humane League?
Do you have a desire to eventually find a career in the animal protection movement?
What are some of your favorite pages that you follow on social media (excluding The Humane League)?
What is your favorite social media platform and why? Please rank the following platforms in order of your favorite to least favorite (if you don't have experience with a particular platform, put "n/a"): Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Snapchat, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Reddit, YouTube.
If you could focus on just 1-2 of platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Snapchat, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Reddit, YouTube), which would you like to focus your efforts on and why?
Do you have any experience running or helping to run any (non-personal) pages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Snapchat, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Reddit, or YouTube? If so, please explain your role and provide links to them.
Are you vegan? If so, how long have you been vegan? Do you feel comfortable answering questions about eating plant-based food and/or getting involved with animal activism?
What describes you more accurately: (a) someone who likes to be on the front lines and interacting directly with the general public; or (b) someone who likes to be in the background and focused more on back-end work like research, data analysis, etc.?
Do you have any experience closely analyzing data in the social media field?
Are you okay with conducting simple or seemingly mundane tasks, or are you someone who really needs to get their creative juices flowing in all aspects of their work?
How do you expect to allot your 20 hours/week in your schedule -- all in 2-3 days, or spread throughout the day on most/all days of the week?
What time zone are you in? Would a weekly group call at 5:00 pm EST every Friday be something that would fit into your current schedule?
Is there anything in particular that you feel you bring to the table that could greatly contribute to The Humane League’s social media presence?
What do you expect to get out of interning with The Humane League?
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