Miro Health Study
Are you between the ages of 18-95? *
Note: If you qualify for our study, we will check your ID later on.
Do you have access to an iPad? This must be a 9.7 inch iPad, 5th generation or later, running iOS 11 or above. *
IMPORTANT: Our app will NOT run on iPad Minis, iPad Pros with 10.5", 11" , or 12.9" screens, and 4th generation iPads or older.
Are you a native English speaker (English before age 5)? *
Note: If it is clear during the phone call that English is not your native language you wont be able to continue in the study.
Do you have a high school diploma or equivalent (GED)? *
Do you have an uncorrected hearing or vision impairment? *
Do you have another disability or injury that would prevent you from using an iPad? *
Are you currently enrolled in an investigational drug trial, or have you participated in an investigational drug trial in the past 30 days? *
Have you previously participated in 2 or more investigational drug trials? *
Are you currently incarcerated in a jail or prison? *
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