VPMC Member Reinstatement Form
Reinstatement's must be authorized by a General.
What is your gamer tag?
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What was your rank before being discharged?
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What branch were you apart of while with VPMC?
Detailed reason for discharge:
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Why are you looking to be reinstated into VPMC?
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Why do you think VPMC should reinstate you back? How will this time be different than your previous time here with VPMC? How will you be able to benefit us?
Please be descriptive.
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If you were to be accepted back into VPMC, what preferred rank would you think would best suit you based on your past rank and reason for discharge? Please explain why you think this rank would be best for you.
Please take into account that if you were discharged on dishonorable terms, your rank will likely be lower than your last rank with VPMC.
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