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Fun fact there are over 400 cutco sales teams in the nation and we are ranked #1. To help keep this standard of performance we build our sales team by hiring friends our elite employees.  Working with friends make showing up to the office even more fun. Hyping each other up, being competitive and seeing each other succeed is what our team is about.

We're looking for people who are competitive, driven, responsible and team players. People with a strong work ethic, positive attitude and a willingness to learn and be coached.

A lot of businesses are letting go of young people right now who are not essential to the structure of their business.  The ones that do stay often find themselves unappreciated for their hours and hard work. And even more often, students and young people often find themselves in need of meaningful work experience. Our management team understands all of this.

Also, with the evolution of AI, some content creation and repetitive jobs will no longer exist. But guess what? The soft skills students gain here: strong interpersonal skills, self-confidence, leadership, problem-solving, critical thinking, organizational planning, and team leadership will always be in hot demand.
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