LET'S PLAY THE FUED!!!!  Answer our survey and drop it in a "Family Brewed" box.  Be honest!  This will help with the making of a new kind of family game.  Only at Recess.  Only at Lincoln's Beard.  
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How many times a night do you wake up?
(DADS) How much weight would you say your wife gained during pregnancy?
(MOMS) How many cup sizes did you go up after giving birth?
How many diapers do you go through in a day?
What country has the best beer?
How much TV should a 2 year old watch a day?
(MOMS) How many beers can you have while breastfeeding?
(DADS) When mom isn't around, who do you call when you need help with the kids?
What is a 4 year olds favorite food?
At what age did you start drinking alcohol?
At what age can a child start saying "I don't like that"?
(DADS) How many beers can you drink and still be able to safely watch the kids?
(MOMS) What was the worst part of pregnancy?
Where is the best place to take your kids on the weekend?
What food goes best with beer?
At what age do you allow your daughter to go on her first date?
Who is the boss in your household?
Name a brand of diapers.
(MEN) If beer was a woman's body part, what body part would it be?
(DADS) What was the hardest part of the labor process?
If babies were an animal, what animal would they be?
Who is the first person in your family to give in to a screaming toddler?
When is a good time for Mom to go back to work after giving birth?
Name a piece of clothing that only kids would wear.
What flavor of ice cream would make for a good addition to a craft beer?
If you could go on a vacation without your children, how long would you go for?
Who is the most popular carton character today?
Who was the most popular cartoon character from your childhood?
Who was the first Disney Princess?
Where in Miami do you buy beer for a house party?
(MOMS) How many loads of laundry do you do a week?
If you spend $100 at a brewery, what do you tip the bartender?
When considering a perfect family size, how many kids is too many?
Who is the most famous Mother of all time?
Who is the most famous Father of all time?
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