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Thank you for your interest in Ferme Rêveuse pastured chickens and eggs. In order to receive your chickens and eggs, please fill out the order form below. Delivery dates are emailed to you a few days before each delivery. We try hard to deliver every second Tuesday.
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If you are home, payment can be made upon delivery by cash, cheque or e-transfer

If you are not home at the time of delivery, please have a cooler at your door for the meat, and if you ordered eggs, please have a separate cooler for the eggs available as well. I will leave you a note with the total amount to be paid with your order, and you can send check or e-transfer anytime after your return. (no prepayment required)

If you have any further questions, please give us a call at (613)-799-7990 or contact us at schneider@ferme-reveuse.ca

Please note, that prices may change without notice

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If your order exceeds the listed quantities, please specify amounts in the comment box at the bottom

We try to respect your choice in SIZE OF THE CHICKENS, but we don't want to be hold accountable for. Nature comes in different sizes, therefore the choice of size can be limited. Thank you for your understanding

Whole Chicken ($13.-/kg)
Whole Chicken Size Preference
Half Chicken, ($13.-/kg)
Half Chicken Size Preference
Chicken Carcass (2 per bag) 15.- per package
Beef Soup meat 10.- per kg (1-1.5 kg per package)
Veal (Baby beef) Soup meat 10.- per kg (1-1.5 kg per package)
Beef ground meat 15.- per kg (ca 500 gr per package)
Soup Hens ( spent laying hens) SOLD OUT until spring 2019 15.-per bird, about 1.2 kg / bird
Chicken Liver - 500g ($12.00/pkg) SOLD OUT until spring 2019
Chicken Heart - packages of 10 hearts ($6.00/pkg)
Chicken Feet - packages of 1 kg ($12.00/pkg)
Chicken Wings 500 gr (15.-/pkg) Pre-cooked, BBQ flavor (Gluten Free)
Chicken Wings 500 gr (15.-/pkg) Pre-cooked, Natural flavor (Gluten Free) SOLD OUT
Brown Farm Eggs (8.00 per dozen)
Chicken Sausages, Buffalo spice, large (contains pork, gluten free) 12.-/pkg (4 sausages)
Chicken Sausages, Tomato Basilic large (contains pork, gluten free) 12.-/pkg (4 sausages)
Chicken Sausages, Fine Herbs small, for quick cooking (contains pork, gluten free) 10.-/pkg of +/- 340 grams
Chicken Sausages, Fine Herbs large (contains pork, gluten free) 12.-/pkg (4 sausages)
Chicken Sausages, Italian mild (contains pork, gluten free) 12.-/pkg (4 sausages)
Chicken Sausages, Apple-Gruyere (contains pork, gluten free) 12.-/pkg (4 sausages)
Please choose one of the two following options, either random assortment of kombucha flavours or specified flavours that change every week
Random Assortment of Wild Ferment Kombucha, 15.- dollars / 1 Liter bottle (includes 5.- dollars deposit, that you will get back after returning the empty bottle) *this is an ideal choice for recurring orders
This week we are offering the following flavours, please specify how many of each flavour you would like to receive (please also include a second choice in case we are out of a certain flavour)
Original (very low in sugar), Strawberry-Mint, Tart-Cherry, Orange-Mango, Pear-Sage, Pommegranate
Your answer
Please note that if you are receiving bi-weekly deliveries that include kombucha and you specify flavours, you will need to fill out the kombucha portion of the order form for every delivery as our flavour options are always changing!
Ferme Rêveuse Gift Certificates 50.- dollars
Ferme Rêveuse Gift Certificates 100.- dollars
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