New Client Questionnaire
What is the full name of your business? *
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Names and email addresses of decision makers for this project
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Nature of business, products or services
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What is your target audience?
To motivate users into taking action, we need to understand those users better. A clear, prioritized list of user groups needs to be established and everybody should have a solid grasp of who these people are.
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Identify industry buzzwords that your target audience understands.
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What is the primary goal/purpose of the website?
What will make you say "Wow, that's exactly what I wanted?"
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Do you have measurable success criteria?
Business objectives need to be transformed into measurable success criteria. For example, an objective to increase sales could become a measure of success that specifies a 20% increase in repeat orders within 6 months. Without measurable goals it is difficult to know whether the project has generated a return on investment. Define any measurable success criteria below.
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What are some possible "calls-to-action" for your website? Ex) "Download eBook", "Free Presentation", "Schedule a Consultation", "Request a Brochure", "Get a 50% Off Coupon"
Once we have our success criteria, they need to have associated calls to action. These are the things that we want users to actively do in order to measure success.
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Have you thought of a general wireframe of the website?
Wireframing key pages (although not necessary) gives us a great head start on a project and gets everybody working together.
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Are you interested in redesigning your current site or starting fresh?
Are there corporate restrictions or color preferences with the design?
Do you have brand guidelines that already exist, such as typography, color palettes and logos?
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Are there any websites that inspire you?
Paste in links if possible - each on a new line
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How many pages do you expect your website to have?
Do you require e-commerce on your website?
System integration
Does your web project rely on integrating with another database or legacy system? Is some content that you want to use trapped in an existing form that needs converting?
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Administrative features
Pulling together content for a web project can be time consuming and difficult. Maintaining that content over time is even harder. Is there anything specifically you want to make these content edits easier, such as administrative modifications?
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Are there any challenges that you're anticipating?
Every project has it's surprises. Those little oddities that are trickier than you first think. It might be an interactive map or an entire web application. Flag any concerns you have about the project. What are the risks? What does success depend upon?
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Google Analytics analysis and integration
If you have an existing site, we will need to coordinate access to Google Analytics to review the statistics. This will help us determine your current audience, operating systems and browers we should focus on during final testing, and allow us to monitor the Analytics after the new site has been launched.
Do you have a set budget?
Nevis Technology offers hosting services, would you like us to host your site?
Our hosting service includes a backup the sites files, a daily backup of the database, and quick/simple updates for free. Support is also included.
How did you hear about Nevis Technology?
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