Startup Valley Application Form 2021

Startup Valley is a platform that provides you with an opportunity to showcase your startup, network with fellow founders, senior entrepreneurs and investors, and gain high value exposure along with coverage in national and international media.

Participation in Startup Valley will provide you access to the following benefits of the NEXT Growth Conclave.

Kickstart Hill
It is a platform where startups can launch themselves or their products and get media coverage. Due to time constraints, only a few startups will be allowed to launch at the Kickstart Hill. The selection for launching at Kickstart Hill will be on first come first serve basis.

Media Lounge
It is a lounge where the startups get an opportunity to meet the national and international media which includes - bloggers, journalists, program producers, and personalities from the renowned media houses. This meeting is a chance where they can pitch their business models and idea for press coverage and to build healthy relations with the media people.
Investor’s Lounge  
Investor's Lounge brings together the most active investors and high net-worth individuals in Nepal. It is specifically meant to give the startups at Startups Valley a chance to build relations with potential investors and also to attract funding. The startups will be going through a ‘Speed Dating’ session with the pool of designated investors, and have a maximum of 5 mins to do so. Here, the interested startups get to make an elevator pitch, consult on their business and exchange contacts within a given time frame to the investors and later be followed up.

By registering for the startup valley, you will get access to:
- A startup booth at the valley
- 2 free tickets for Next Growth Conclave and every additional ticket at a special rate of Rs. 1000/-
- Network with potential investors
- Privileged access to our investors lounge
- Dedicated media lounge for startups
- Exclusive platform to launch your product or business (at the Kickstart Hill)

Registration Fee: Rs. 20,000 to participate in Startup Valley.
Registration Deadline : December 20, 2021
Event Venue: Aloft, Thamel

~ After submitting the form, you will be contacted within 5 working days in your given contact details.
~ Selection will be on a rolling basis.
~ Priority will be given to the startups with viable product/service and which is already in operation.

*Startup is responsible for branding at the Startup Valley. Standard measures for consistency will be emailed to you once you get selected.*

For any queries regarding startup valley email us at:
Event Link:
Contact: 9801156398, 9801198043, 9801198045
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