OpenStreetMap US Charter Project Application Form
Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. OpenStreetMap US is looking to build strong, long term relationships with our Charters, so expect the process to take up to 3 months once you submit your application to hear a decision. All projects and related activities must support in some way the stated mission and purpose of OpenStreetMap US.

Please review the Guidelines document prior to submitting an application. Successful projects are interested in engaging with and growing the OSM US community, have demonstrated leadership, show a commitment to the OpenStreetMap project, and are directly related to OpenStreetMap.

Find more information about OpenStreetMap US and learn about existing charter projects on our website. Thank you!
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Charter projects must have at least 3 Steering Committee members within the first year. The purpose of the Steering Committee is to provide operational support and strategic guidance for the project.
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What type of activities will occur through the project? What is out of scope?
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What are some major outputs and goals of your project?
How many active contributors does your project currently have? *
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How will becoming a Charter Project benefit your project and the OpenStreetMap community? *
Project Partners & Financial Support *
Please list any partners, allies, or financial (or other) supporters of your project.
Where do you host conversations about project development and governance (e.g. mailing lists, forums, etc.), and how many participants do you have? *
Projects must adopt the OSM US Code of Conduct or one similar in spirit. Please tell us how you plan to meet this requirement: *
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