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Hello. Please fill out the information below to have your offer prepared. It will then be submitted to you via Docusign (Electronic Signature). IMPORTANT NOTE: Please confirm that ALL info is correct and there is no Typos!!
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We recommend putting "Seller's Choice" on the offer but some Investors have relationships. Feel free to ask if you feel necessary.
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This is Optional. In some Cases we feel a Buyer Introductory Letter helps the Seller make a Decision!
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99% of the time we ask the Seller to provide a 1 Year Home Warranty. Some Cash Investors or Fixer Upper Properties don't really require one since Warranties don't cover pre-existing conditions. IF they have a Specific Home Warranty they want to use, please put that in OTHER.
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99% of the time it's default which is 17 Days. For Cash offers it is typically much shorter. The shorter time period is always better but I feel we usually need at least 7 days to 10 days to fully inspect.
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