We, the undersigned Homeowners, Neighbors, and Community Members, petition Delaware elected officials to permanently protect a significant portion of the former Hercules (aka Wooddale or Delaware National Golf Course) as publicly accessible passive open space or natural area. Residents of all ages from the surrounding neighborhoods and beyond need the area for close proximity to enjoy walking, biking, hiking, running, exploring, dog walking, birdwatching, fishing, snow sledding, educational opportunities, star gazing, and other activities related to the natural outdoors. In addition, open space would serve employees of nearby companies such as CSC, Agilent Technologies, Bank of America and Ashland. If this transformation were to occur, several surrounding neighborhoods would be within a 10-minute walk of much-needed open space – a health benefit for the entire community.

Without this acquisition, there is scarce available land to meet the outdoor needs of residents. The former Hercules course is ideal for public open space because it would serve the immediate communities of Little Falls Village, Centerville Point, Brookmeade, Stonewold, Sedgley Farms, and Anglesey, just to name the closest few. Currently the area has Brandywine Springs Manor Park 2.4 miles away, and Delcastle 3 miles away, but no public park within walking distance of the many neighborhoods and corporations that abut the former Hercules Golf Course property.

Permanent protection of this property to public use would also help protect the water quality of Red Clay Creek which provides 1/3 of Suez' drinking water supply for its customers, and provide opportunities for learning about and caring for our watersheds. In addition, open space protection would serve to minimize traffic impacts which occurs with every new development in the Lancaster Pike and Route 141 corridor. The Barley Mill Plaza project is soon underway not far away.

Enhancing the quality of life of the community while balancing development with open space preservation are stated objectives of New Castle County and the State of Delaware. Protecting a significant portion of the former Hercules Golf Club as public open space as a passive natural area would achieve these stated goals.

Please support the goals herein by signing on to the petition below. Thank you for joining us in this endeavour!

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