CSU Instrument Rental Form-Fall 2017
Please fill out this form if you need to rent an instrument from CSU for use in any of our instrumental ensembles or methods courses for the Fall 2017 semester. Note that CSU instruments may only be rented by CSU students (not just music majors or minors) for use in CSU ensembles or methods courses. All spring rentals will start upon return after the winter break, during the first week of classes in January. Please allow 2-3 days for a response from one of our instrument curators who will provide you with the necessary details to complete your rental.
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Be specific (e.g. "tenor" saxophone, "C" trumpet, "Eb" clarinet). This request is good for one instrument only. Any additional requests require that you fill out an additional form.
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By clicking yes, I understand that CSU will charge my student account $50 for this one-semester rental if I'm not enrolled as a music major for the Fall 2017 semester or if I'm enrolled as a music minor who is not registered for applied lessons in the Fall 2017 semester. *
By clicking yes, I understand that I (the renter) am financially responsible for the return of the instrument and all of its included accessories in good condition or replacement of the instrument or part(s) will be billed to my student account. This includes loss and damages incurred from unreasonable wear and tear or theft. *
By clicking yes, I understand that all necessary repairs must be brought to the immediate attention of the instrument curator and the damage will be subject to his or her repair procedure. I, the renter, will pay for any unauthorized repairs. *
By clicking yes, I understand that the term of this contract shall begin on its signing date and extend until the last day of exams for the current semester of use. The instrument must be returned to the instrument curator by the last day of exams as per this contract or my, the renter’s, University account will be charged the replacement value of the instrument and any included accessories. I, the renter, will be responsible for the instrument until I receive an electronic confirmation from the instrument curator showing confirmation of a scheduled return. *
By clicking yes, I understand that all instruments must be returned to either the designated instrument curator or Anthony Lederhos in person. No one else may accept a rental return. *
By clicking yes, I understand that I have read, understood, and agreed to all of the above policies and terms of the rental contract. *
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