Guidelines For Transported Students
Students are expected to be at the pickup location at least five minutes prior to the assigned pickup time. The school bus driver will not wait for late students, nor will the bus be sent back for late students who miss the school bus.

While waiting for the school bus, students are expected to:
1. Stay back from the curb so as not to distract passing motorists or accidentally slip and fall into the street.
2. Wait for directions from the bus driver before crossing the street, then cross ten feet in front of the bus.
3. Wait for the bus to come to a complete stop before approaching the bus.
4. Never chase or run beside a moving bus. Such actions WILL result in a one week suspension of bus riding privileges.
6. Take a seat promptly and stay seated while the bus is in motion.

On the Bus:
1. Follow the directions of the driver or safety assistant promptly and courteously.
2. Keep personal belongings on your lap - not under the seat or in the aisle. Carry books and loose papers in book bags or knapsacks.
3. Do not bring sharp objects, guns, knives, or archery equipment on the bus.
4. No pets can be transported on the school bus.
5. Opening, closing or adjusting of windows will only be done with the permission of the driver. Do not extend or throw any objects out of the window.
6. Fighting, spitting, teasing, wrestling, throwing objects, or littering will not be tolerated.
7. Emergency equipment including two-way radios, first aid kits, reflectors, and emergency doors are for emergency use only. Tampering with any of these devices will result in the suspension of bus riding privileges.
8. Respect the personal property of other students.
9. Use of profane or abusive language will not be tolerated.
10. Keep the noise level down. Screaming, shouting or playing of loud music is prohibited.
11. Students are responsible for vandalism and will be responsible for restitution to the school district.

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