Dimension Modeling
In this survey modeling is defined as the act of creating or editing a 3D object for use in 3D software. Models are 3D objects which can take many forms such as simple shapes, buildings, plants, and effects such as liquids and fire.
What is your primary interest in Dimension? *
What type of content are you interested in creating with Adobe Dimension CC? (check all that apply) *
Please rate your interest in the following output formats. *
1 - Not Interested
5 - Very Interested
Rendered still images
Rendered animated video
Real time 3D for web/presentations
AR/VR Experiences
What industry do you work in? *
Have you ever had any training in 3D? *
What type of modeling are you most interested in? *
What types of content are you most interested in creating or editing? Check all that apply.
hard goods (tables, monitors, bottles, boxes)
soft goods (bedding, pillows)
apparel (hats, jackets, shoes)
organic figures (humans, animals, aliens, fantasy creatures/species)
organic elements (trees, vines, flowers, moss, etc.)
simulation effects (liquids, splashes, fire, explosions)
product design (devices, gadgets, physical interfaces, parts)
physical spaces (buildings, interiors)
abstract elements
Do you currently create models yourself? *
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