Join The MAW - Mutual Aid Workspace at SJC
The MAW is a new co-working space at the Social Justice Center, 1202 Williamson St. Madison WI. It's a project of multi-stakeholder cooperative Madison MAN Coop, which you can also join.

The MAW opens the Social Justice Center to more participation from our neighbors and moves the MAN and SJC ahead in becoming a laboratory for forward-thinking, regenerative community and economic experimentation - pooling our resources and demonstrating abundance through cooperation.

It's also just a convenient co-working space, with Internet, shared desks, small and large meeting spaces, and ability to host events. Because it's a cooperative, the terms of access will be determined and governed by the members, but rates and membership options are available now.

This form will take just a few minutes to complete, and requires either an email or a phone number.

Note: We need an email address to sign you up online. If you don't want to or cannot provide an email address, that's fine, you can enter a phone number at the end of this form, or just come to the next open MAN event to join in person.

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