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Beginning in 2022, the Environmental Defenders of McHenry County's Water & Natural Resources Protection Action Team and the McHenry County Department of Planning and Development began hosting a series of Friday Talks and Tours that showcase some of the exciting Best Management Practices (BMPs)* being implemented in McHenry County.

The events are held on Friday afternoons, to make attending them convenient for staff of municipalities, townships, school districts, park districts, libraries, schools and churches, as well as the general public.

To improve the resiliency of our communities and sustainably manage resources, it is becoming increasingly important to implement the BMPs showcased in these workshops. Join us to see these inspiring projects in action and learn from the experts how they can be successfully implemented in your communities. Learn how you can save money and resources for your communities or facilities by implementing these best management practices.  

       *The term 'Best Management Practices', or BMPs, was coined as a way to describe state-of-the-art practices implemented to protect and maintain the integrity of natural resources and promote conservation of land, water and energy.

       A BMP can be a structural "thing" that you actually install on-the-ground. Examples include stormwater treatment trains, rain gardens, energy-saving buildings, etc.

       A BMP can also be part of the "process" that you use to plan, design, construct and conduct your operations. Examples include energy conservation measures, conservation design for developments and practices such as sensible road salting programs.

To see videos of many past Talks and Tours and the schedule of 2024 Friday BMP Talks and Tours,
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Our next session is Smart Infrastructure Management at Algonquin Public Works. Michele Zimmerman, Public Works Deputy Director will show how Algonquin has use City Works* to significantly reduce costs, improve efficiency, streamline maintenance, and improve service. The session will be held from 1-3 pm on Friday, May 17 at 110 Mitchard Way, Algonquin. *City Works is an easy to use GIS-based asset management system. Will you attend this session?  *
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