Falcon Trucking - Trucking Your Imagination
Driver application form.(PLEASE READ CAREFULLY)
1) Please remember to Show your steam games, playtime and truckersmp ban history. We will verify according to our Requirements. If you don't have minimum 50 hours in ETS2 or ATS please do not submit this form.
2) We will get back to you after validating your profiles. Try to be active on the mail.
3) We Need Professional Driving Truckers, If you want fun playing on CD road, ramming people, then we are not right VTC for you.
4) We follow strict Recruitment process to filter out Trollers, Your Hiring process can be immediate or may take 3 to 5 days. Be patient.
Once you enter team you will find lot of amazing drivers to drive with.

#VTC Rules
Be respectful of other members, including staff

No abuse towards other players (In or out of the VTC)

Admin rules are final

Your truck MUST comply with the truck specs and paint job. These details can be found on the #official-paint-job-trailer channel in discord.

#Driving Rules (General)
Stick to ALL Truckers MP server rules.

Drive with consideration of others.

This is not a rule, just remember this Secret word "Truck".

Must do a Job a week. Must Log your Jobs.

#convoy Rules

There will be convoys for ETS2 every Saturday @ 1PM UTC/GMT and for ATS @ 2:30PM UTC/GMT Sunday you should attend this convoy. At least one per month.

Should come with official trailer unless the trailer details are mentioned in the convoy details.

Make sure you come at least 10 minutes before the convoy starting time.

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Country you are from ? *
Do you Have ETS 2 ? *
This Is Important Section for ETS2 Players.
DLC Maps Owned * *
Do you Have ATS ? *
This Is Important Section for ATS Players.
Map DLCs you have in ATS *
Have you joined any VTC earlier ? *
How you came to know about us & why would you like to join ? *
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