Upload your own Factorio save to factoriomaps.com
Want to host your own Factorio Google Map? Fill this out and I'd be happy to. Have concerns? Email me at geostyx@factoriomaps.com and I'd be happy to answer any questions. You have to be signed in to upload files to Google Forms.

Example map: https://factoriomaps.com/Geostyx/PrivateOneSix/2018/05/27/index.html
Browse all maps: https://browse.factoriomaps.com
Blog: https://blog.factoriomaps.com
Hosted by /u/Geostyx
Patreon: https://patreon.com/geostyx
Discord: https://discord.gg/GabdXZu

Email address *
Reddit/Discord Username *
I will contact you as "Geostyx" to give you your map. Used in link. Eg. factoriomaps.com/Geostyx. Please include what type it is. Eg. /u/Geostyx (Reddit) or Geostyx#1111 (Discord). If you don't have a username anywhere, make one up.
Email used on Patreon (Patrons Only)
This is used to verify Patrons for extra features like Night View
Use anonymous link (optional)
If you don't want your username in the link, check this box and it will be under factoriomaps.com/anonymous instead. Your username will still be stored privately so I know who submitted the save.
World Name *
Map Date (optional)
If you want a date other than today. Used in link. Eg. factoriomaps.com/Geostyx/TheGreatWall/2018-06-06
World Save File *
Found in %appdata%\factorio\saves (Windows) OR ~/Library/"Application Support"/factorio/saves (Mac) OR ~/.factorio/saves (Linux) Your world file will be used to generate the map. It won't be shared with anyone without your permission.
Make save file public (default: No)
This will add a link for anyone to download your save.zip
Modpack (optional)
Zip them up if submitting >10 mods
Privacy Policy *
Privacy policy can be found at: https://blog.factoriomaps.com/privacy-policy/
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