03-Day Training for Young Lawyers of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Reaction Survey (Post-Training)
1. Express your opinion about the attributes of training course you attended
i. Overall course objectives were met. *
ii. Concepts were clearly conveyed. *
iii. The sequence of course was logical. *
2. Interaction
i. I felt comfortable asking questions. *
ii. I was given the opportunity to contribute during class discussions. *
iii. I was provided opportunities to network with other participants. *
3. Instructor
i. Instructor/s had lot of personal experience. *
ii. Instructor/s had good understanding and knowledge of topics he was teaching. *
iii. Instructor/s was great at taking questions further into Law Enforcement aspects. *
iv. He/she was dynamic and excellent speaker. *
v. Instructor was comfortable with self and subject matter. *
vi. Knowledge and communication skills of instructor were exceptional. *
4. Course content
i. I was using the knowledge and/or skills presented in the training courses prior to attending a training course. *
ii. The concepts and/or skills learned at the training courses were related to my work situation. *
iii. I assume that training courses have offered me the required elements for the demands of my job. *
iv. The content of the training courses were appropriate for achieving the course objectives. *
5. Expectations of the training course
i. I believe that the training courses create a sense of group cohesiveness among participants. *
ii. I believe I have made a significant impact on my personal growth, as a participant in a training course. (e.g. new opportunities for learning, broadening of the intellectual level) *
iii. I will encourage my peers to take part in the training courses. *
iv. The training courses have had an impact on how I lead and manage my team and work. *
6. Technical conditions
i. I received the necessary assistance in preparing for the training courses. *
ii. I received help, through coaching and/or feedback in order to apply the knowledge and/or skills on the job. (after the training courses) *
iii. I believe the course objectives were clearly written and well organized. *
iv. I believe the course objectives were clearly communicated in the training courses. *
Over all feedback
7. Please rate overall quality of the training. *
8. What overall suggestion and feedback about the training program would you like to give? *
Your answer
Learning Survey (Post Training)
i. To what extent has the content of the training courses accurately reflected what happens on the job? *
ii. The extent to which I have access to the necessary resources (such as, technology and information) to apply the knowledge and/or skills on my job. *
iii. The extent to which training courses provide me with a different, helpful perspective of the changing environment/marketplace that my organization faces. *
iv. The extent to which training courses left me better prepared for a leadership role in my organization. *
Thank you
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