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Registration for Gnostic activities in London
Some topics to develop:
Karma - Reincarnation - The Awakening - Fears and Negative Emotions - Meditation and Relaxation - Chakras and Mantras - Personality, Essence and Ego - Metaphysical Laws and Esoteric Biology - The meaning of dreams - Astral Travel - Kabbalah - Emotional Intelligence - Human Relationships - Wise use of our energy - Alchemy - Evolution and Involution
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Rudolf Steiner House
35 Park Rd, Marylebone, London

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Telephone for Information: 07849 004843 (calls /Whatsapp)
Course Information:
This institution offers free theoretical-practical courses for self-knowledge and development of human potential.
It is given once a week lasting approximately 6 months (23 lessons), addressing topics of psychological, anthropological and philosophical depth in order to understand the psychic structure of the human being and to know our limitations and capacities.
Guided by instructors of our Institution, we begin a journey through many topics founded on gnostic knowledge in order to transmit a practical message to transform our lives. This message is addressed to the conscience of the human being, promoting its influence on our acts and decisions.
Through different encounters and a pedagogy focused on experience, this course aims at self-discovery to achieve a conscious and transcendental course in life. Undertaking an internal work leads us to the expanding of our knowledge about who we are, about our wonderful material and spiritual composition, and of the relationship we maintain with each living being, with the planet and the universe.

Some topics are: psychology of self-knowledge, the awakening of consciousness, the world of human relationships, the Real Inner Self-Being, meditation, the hidden senses, metaphysics of the universe and man, life and death, the decalogue, sexuality... Questions like "Who am I?", "Where was I before I was born?" "What lies beyond death?" All of these are natural concerns in anyone who has reached a certain degree of internal development.

You are a mystery, discover yourself...
We are also opening courses in:
Information: +44 07492 119510
(calls /WhatsApp)

Information: +44 07849 004843
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Information: +44 07849 004843
(calls /WhatsApp)

Information: +44 07784 452594
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Information: +44 077137 09166
Privacy Policy
The information collected on this form will be stored in a computerised file by Gnosis UK to contact you about future events. The data will be kept for 10 years and accessed only by our team of instructors. In accordance with the GDPR, you have the right to access and correct your data by contacting
To begin these courses no previous studies of any kind are required. It is neither necessary to have a specific cultural, social or economic level, nor profess a specific creed. Gnostic teachings are always given free of charge.

It is given once a week (check for other days and times).
Contact us at:
Calls / WhatsApp: Gareth 07849 004843


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