Sixth Form Option Choices - 2020/22
Use the form below in discussion with a member of the Sixth Form team to decide on the subjects you will study at Post-16 over the next two years.

All students should choose at least 3 subjects. If you are unsure as to which 3 subjects to take, you are advised to choose 4 and then drop a subject later in the year.

A small number of most academic students study 4 A-levels until the end of year 13. Please discuss this with the member of staff if you are considering doing this.

Before you submit this form, ask the member of staff to check it with you. You must check carefully that you have met the entry requirements for each course before submitting your options.

If you haven't achieved a grade 4 in either English Language or Maths, you will need to resit one or both of these.
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