NEUROTECH NMC applications and ethics survey
Welcome to the NEUROTECH survey into possible neuromorphic applications. The goal of this survey is to enumerate possible applications for neuromorphic computing, in order to identify ethical issues that are raised by neuromorphic computing (NMC).

This is a free-form survey, where you can identify and describe an application, and identify what ethical issues you think might be raised by the application of NMC to that application.

In this survey, please focus on issues raised by the particular use of NMC in an application. For example, there are issues raised by the use of autonomous drones in and of itself, whether or not NMC technology in used in the drone. These issues are not of interest in this survey.

However, there may be applications / uses of NMC on drones which are only enabled by NMC technology, which raise particular ethical issues. These issues are definitely of interest in this survey.
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How this survey works
You should fill in the survey multiple times, once for each application that you identify. Then you can describe some ethical issues that arise from the application.

If you instead identify ethical issues that arise from Neuromorphic Computing technology, production or research itself, independent of any application, then simply write "NMC Technology" or "NMC Research" as the application title.

We will collect some information about who you are and where you work. This information is not mandatory, but will help us understand the Neuromorphic field better.

We will collect your email address during the survey. This allows us to group applications submitted by the same user.
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