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Mayor Garcetti released LA's first ever Sustainability City pLAn on April 8th. The pLAn sets forth a path to transform Los Angeles by creating a cleaner environment and stronger economy, while ensuring equity for all Angelenos. Organizations, companies, neighborhood groups, and all LA citizens can "Adopt the pLAn," both to support the pLAn itself and commit to putting the pLAn into action.

You can make a commitment to "Adopt the pLAn" to help achieve specific outcomes in the pLAn (e.g., reduce water use by 20% by 2017 by converting 1000 low income homes to be water wise), adopt the pLAn into neighborhood(s) (e.g., committing to put the pLAn into action in 3 neighborhoods), or advance the overall spirit of the pLAn (e.g., committing to educate students about the pLAn).

Join organizations, individuals, and others are committing to Adopt the pLAn and help put it into action.

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