Blockchain+AI+Human = Magic

Blockchain & Artificial Intelligence: Tech Trends Poised To Transform Business and Culture? Nascient Blockchain applications and AI research have demonstrated the transformative potential of both technologies. Combining these disciplines will drive radical shifts in business and culture on a global scale, each enhancing the capabilities of the other, offering opportunities for better data management, transparency and accountability.

We are convening top minds from the Blockchain and AI ecosystems for a one day of open collaboration, sharing insights and networking amongst innovators, thought leaders, investors, start-up, researchers and corporations. This summit is just a start; the meeting will continue in Davos, Switzerland during January next year and all speaker will be invited to that meeting as well.

Blockchain+AI+Human/Blockchain in Action will be:

- Giving a unique opportunity to interact directly with: the prominent minds and companies in Blockchain and AI, individuals from adjacent fields and members of Fortune 1000 companies.
- Examining the current and future state of industry and society
- Demonstrations of the cutting edge research
- Showcasing individuals who think deeply about the potential long term societal implications of Blockchain and AI on a broader and historically informed level.
- The summit's Talks are video recorded in high-definition and posted on the summit's website

Program - Davos Style: Speakers give short talks that are recorded “Firestarter” talks, then head to tables for half-hour discussion with members of the audience, and graduate students take notes for readout at end. Chatham house rules: no attribution of quotes during discussion, but Firestarter talks will go on the web, and text summary of group readouts will be posted.

Once you submit your application we will review and get back to you.

Organizers & Host,

Sandy Pentland + John Werner

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