Small Group Leader Application
Thank you for being interested in leading a small group at Harvest Sacramento! By submitting this application, you are acknowledging that you....

1. Are a member of Harvest Bible Chapel Sacramento
2. Have been in a Harvest Sacramento Small Group at least 6 months (some exceptions apply in rare cases)
3. Have been identified as a Leader in Training by either a current small group leader or a Pastor at Harvest Sacramento

This application asks for some personal and potentially sensitive information to be shared about your life. Harvest Sacramento is committed to the confidentiality of this application. This application will only be viewed by Pastors, small group coaches, the small group administrator, and potentially the elders of Harvest Sacramento. Should you feel concerned about divulging certain information on this digital application, feel free to contact Harvest at (916) 966-2243 in order to share answers verbally or (potentially) in person.

Every person interested in leading a small group must fill this out. This means that if you are married, BOTH of you must fill out separate applications.

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How long have you been attending Harvest?
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I have been a part of the following small group(s) at Harvest Sacramento (provide leader names and length of involvement)
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This is how and when I became a Christian... *
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What are 1 - 3 ways you can say you've grown as a Christian in the past 12 months? *
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I want to be a Small Group Leader at Harvest because... *
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Have you been identified as a Leader in Training (LIT) by a small group leader? *
I have led a Harvest small group night (discussion + accountability) within the past month *
Please provide contact information of 2 people WITHIN Harvest Sacramento (not related to you or one another) who we can reach to inquire about your potential leadership of a Harvest small group
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I have read and am in agreement with Harvest Bible Chapel's mission and doctrine. This can be found at
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