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Which class did you participate in today?
What was the name of the instructor?
Instructor Quality
Did the instructor introduce themself?
Did the instructor provide an overview of what would be covered during the class?
Did the instructor give everyone directions to the restrooms?
Did the instructor seem prepared for class?
Did the instructor provide instruction in way you could understand?
Did the instructor tell you about Cornerstones other services?
Did the instructor answer questions in helpful ways
Did the course increased my knowledge and understanding of the subject.
Clear selection
What information presented in the class did you find the most helpful?
What, if any, information presented in the class did you find unnecessary?
What suggestions do you have for making the class more useful to future participants?
How effective and useful did you find the class?
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Would you recommend this class to others?
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What other classes have you taken at Cornerstones Career Learning Center?
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