Getting your money back from friends
On the one hand, lending money to your friends can feel like a no-brainer — it's someone you care about, someone you trust.

On the other hand, if someone goes wrong, more might be at stake than just not getting paid back. You could lose a friend.

What do you do when you keep having to remind a friend about the money they owe you? Have you ever just given up on getting it back, because you decided the inevitable fight wasn't worth it? Did it end that friendship, or is this person still in your life? What's your personal philosophy on friends and money?
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Do you lend money to friends? How often? What's the largest amount you've let a friend borrow?
What do you do if a friend is taking too long to pay you back — or they don't bring up paying you back at all? How long do you wait before starting the convo?
Have you ever fought with a friend over their debt to you? What happened?
Have you ever forgiven a friend's debt because you didn't want to chase the money down — or the effort didn't feel worth the amount that was owed? If so, how much was the debt? What's your relationship with this person like now?
Do you have a personal limit to how much money you would lend (or gift) a close friend? Has it changed alongside your own financial circumstances?
Have you ever borrowed money from a friend? Did you pay them back in full? How soon did you return the money?
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