Tisbury Community List
Register Someone as being vulnerable or at risk, and we'll try to get someone to keep in touch. If you want to register more than one person please click submit another response after finishing.

Please note that if you have a specific request or need please call 01747684010 . This is just a general list and we will try to find someone to call you to check up.
are you registering yourself or someone else? Please answer the below for the person you would like to register.
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What is your full name?
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are you self-Isolating
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are you over 70?
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If emergency services or statutory bodies want to get in touch can we forward your contact details?
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are you worried about how you might afford basics (food and essentials )over the coming months?
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do you have a disability or condition which could affect your ability to care for yourself or puts you at risk?
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Is there anything else we should know that might affect your ability to care for yourself or puts you at risk?
The UK Government has advised us all to stay at home, especially if you are over 70 years old. Here are a few questions to help match you with TNR volunteer help:
Is someone helping you with food shopping?
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Have you received a letter from the UK Government about inclusion on the Extremely Vulnerable Register?
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If you have received a letter about inclusion on the Extremely Vulnerable Register... have you registered online or by phone?
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If a local TNR volunteer could collect and deliver your food for you would you use that service?
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Are you or those helping you able to order and pay for food?
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Are your utilities paid up and in working order?
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Would you like to recieve a phone call from a local phone-a-friend service?
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GP Practice
If you were registering someone else, please tell us your name
If you were registering someone else please tell us your phone number
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We will only use your contacts for the purposes of checking up on you. We will delete your data after 3 months.
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