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How have you previously heard about The Curious Forge?
How active are you in making things in your personal life?
Rank each aspect by its importance to you.
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equipment range, availability and type
Knowledgeable people to teach skills
Community of creative, active makers
Hours, access and freedom of projects
personal space for tools, ongoing projects
Cost, fees and expenses
What areas interest you? (check all that apply)
How often would you use a MakerSpace?
When would you use a MakerSpace?
Are you interested in sharing your skills? In what way?
What type of membership would be more suitable for you
Would you be interested in having a Maker summer camp ?
What monthly fee would be reasonable to pay for a creative space that has: 24/7 access, use of a wide variety of advanced, expensive and specialized equipment, skilled help, access to workshops, freedom to do whatever project you want and be part of the creative community:
Check all amenities that you feel are important to have in the space
Would you be interested in additional personal work space as a member at an additional fee ?
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