Top of the Hill Awards 2020 Nomination Form
Help us recognize a Hillian Leader!

The Top of the Hill Awards are presented annually by Price Hill Will to recognize community leaders of Lower, East, and West Price Hill who strive to make a difference in their community. Receiving this recognition is a way to highlight the accomplishments of the leader, express gratitude for his/her/their generous donation of time and talent, and inspire others to become involved in Price Hill. Age is just a number, feel free to nominate the dedicated youth in our neighborhood as well.

Help us by nominating an individual(s) you think exemplifies the qualities of a great Price Hill leader:

o Demonstrates a strong commitment to Price Hill and a vision for its future
o Has a positive influence on the residents of the community
o Involved in community projects, organizations or groups
o Demonstrates the ability and initiative to bring people together to facilitate positive change
o Spreads positivity and community building throughout the neighborhood
o Provides creativity in thinking and planning (new ideas, new solutions)

Previous winners of the Top of the Hill Awards include Hart Pharmacy, Terry Grote, Ann Andriacco, Tom & Mary Craft and many more!

The awards will be presented at the Price Hill Will Mardi Gras Ball on February 21, 2020 from 6:30-9:30 pm. Please help us in this nomination process! The deadline to apply is January 1st, 2020. We will notify winners by January 15th. If you have questions or need help with the nomination process, please contact Samantha Conover: or 513-251-3800 ext. 105.
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