The past few weeks have given rise to many emotions and a palpable sense of justified fear. Some have experienced heightened attacks and a sense of hyper visibility, many have been triggered, more feel a general lack of security at Cornell, in Ithaca, and in the world.

Using this Google Form, we hope to offer some virtual sense of support. Consider this a space to vent regarding past grievances, grievances of late, and overall concerns of being at Cornell in the here and now. More directly, please use this venue to express your continued and ever present concerns as graduate students here at Cornell.

Over the next couple of days, we will be collecting grievance stories to publicize on Twitter and Facebook using the pseudonym you provide below and the hashtag #uncaringCornell. We believe that this will help folks vent anonymously and help us draw attention to serious concerns Graduate Students have about their experiences at Cornell; their encounters with faculty and students; and the realities to come given the new Presidency.

We hope this may be cathartic; we also hope that this can offer up real issues around which to organize and mobilize so as to combat the hate that this election brings to the surface.

Please use the form below to publicize your story.

Thank you in advance for you time and consideration.

CGSU Supporters

By what pseudonym do you wish to go? *
Please make this name 20 characters or less and such that you can identify in our posts (e.g. HopelessinHumanities; ScaredScientist, ConcernedCornellian).
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Please use the space below to share your grievance: *
Keeping in mind that these are brief snippets, in 100 characters or less please share the issue you've experienced as a Cornell Graduate Student about which you'd like to vent--an issue that conveys that this is not a caring community
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