Nutrition Services Garden Application
Houston ISD Nutrition Services received the USDA Farm to School Grant for 2018-2020. This grant allows Nutrition Services to implement nutrition-focused garden programs in 15 Houston ISD Schools over the course of the grant period. Schools will be selected based on commitment, sustainability, human capital, space and integration of curriculum. Nutrition Services will provide the Learn, Grow, Eat and Go Curriculum from A&M AgriLife Extension, garden supplies, raised garden beds and soil to support 8 classrooms. Additionally, a mandatory training for campus staff members involved in the program will be provided August during the Teacher Service Days. Support will be provided for 2 semesters, at which point the school is expected to sustain the program.

If selected, your campus agrees to:
• Integrate the 10- week Learn, Grow, Eat and Go curriculum into participating classes
• Send at least 3 Garden Champions to the training during the Teacher Service Days
• Schedule a garden build day for the garden beds by the end of October
• Recruit and allow volunteers on campus as needed
• Follow all Standard Operating Procedures provided
• Complete pre/post surveys each semester

Learn more about the curriculum here:
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