Septic to Sewer Project
Property Owner Contact Information Form

Please fill out this form so that the Town can contact you to inform you of project progress and updates.  As the project progresses and we know more information this is the contact card we will use to contact you.  If you're in the project area, you should have received a letter informing you of the project and requesting that you fill out this contact information.
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Form Code
Please enter the form code that was found on the letter you received. Or enter property address.
Name (Property Owner)
Property Address/House NUMBER
Enter your house NUMBER only.  This is the property being considered for the project.
Property Street Name
Enter you street name only.  Address number is to be input above.  This is the property being considered for the project.
Mailing Address
Please enter if your mailing address is different than your property address being considered for the project area.  We will use this address to contact you rather than the physical property address if it is different.
Phone number *
Your phone number will only be used to contact you for project information.
Septic Tank Location

Can you tell us where you septic tank is generally located?  Front Yard, Back Yard, etc?
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