DevFest 2K19

Have you ever wanted to be a part of something big? Big as Google? This could be the right opportunity for you.

This application is for Tech speakers who have delivered sessions on technical topics in many institutions.

We are in search for speakers who have successfully hosted 5+ events in the past,

The speaker could be a Professional/Student/Entrepreneur/Professor.

Points to be noted:

1. This application form is specifically for Tech Speakers. (Volunteers would have to wait till we publish the Volunteer Forms).
2. Fill up the form and our Event Management Committee will shortlist the entries.
3. You can submit more than one topic.
4. The timings for the sessions on any topic would be strictly not more than 45mins - 1hr with Demo.
5. If you are not based out of Madurai, then sponsorship to cover your expenses for travel/accommodation will be based on availability.
6. If you are based out of Madurai and unable to be present for the Talk, then you can deliver a Google Hangouts session through video conferencing for the attendees.

Tracks for this year:

If you have experience in any one of the following domains fill it:

1. Development : Kotlin, Flutter, Android, Firebase, Progressive Web Apps, Angular JS, Polymer, Hadoop, Python, Google Web Platform, Git- GitHub or GitLab

2. Design : UI/UX, Design Principles, Computer Games creation, Video Editing, AR/VR.

3. Cloud : Google Cloud Platform, Docker, Machine Learning/AI, Bots, Google API's, Tensor Flow.

4. Google for Education, Classroom API.

5. Ethical Hacking, Google Security Layers.

6. SEO and Blogging.

7. Content Creation on Youtube.

8. Google Local Guides.

9. IOT and  Hardware Concepts.

10. Any Open Source Technologies.

11. If you're interested in Mentoring for "Google Summer of Code and Google Study Jams", please feel free to contact us.

Note - If you are ready to deliver a session on any of the topics not mentioned above, then feel free to reach us and we can discuss it further.

Date & Venue details will be communicated to you via email for the events with the theme matching the proposals you submit.

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