Authors4Veterans - May 2020 (#Authors4Veterans)
Thank you so much for your interest. Authors4Veterans is the brain child of Stacey Joy Netzel and PJ Fiala. Both of us are mothers of military sons, and we’ve each had a son who has been deployed. Veterans causes and charities have always been a focus for both of us, so we decided to take it to the next level and manage our own charity drive so we can oversee it from start to finish.

We’ve been donating to Fisher House Wisconsin, and because of their great appreciation, we will continue to do so.

"Fisher House Foundation is best known for a network of comfort homes where military and veterans’ families can stay at no cost while a loved one is receiving treatment." You can read more about Fisher House here:

What are we doing?

We are filling 30 tote bags with books, swag and necessities or personal items which will be given to families staying at the Fisher House in Milwaukee, WI. The Milwaukee Fisher House has 16 rooms, which turn over sometimes as soon as a few days and sometimes a few months, depending on the family's soldier or Marine's hospital stay. Our prior donation bags turned over in two weeks and were met with positive comments and gratitude.

How can you be involved?
Items Required for sponsorship:
1. Books (signed / 3 minimum) all genre of books welcome (romance, thriller, sci-fi, etc.) heat level sweet to spicy, (no erotic please.) You can donate more if you like, so we can give each tote more than one book. $25.00 fee, paid via PayPal link at bottom of form.

2. $25.00 donation sent via Paypal to:

3. A personalized note from you to the family. If you would please write a note to the family who receives your bag, we would appreciate it. These families are usually dealing with health issues (which is why they’re at Fisher House), financial hardships, and more. A kind note along with the bag can go along way to make them feel better and it lets them know you sponsored their bag.

Additional Items greatly appreciated in any quantity you are willing to offer: Author Swag (examples donated in our last fundraiser: bookmarks, pens, post-it notes, jewelry, key chains, chap stick/lip balms, jar openers, nail files, measuring spoons, combs, postcards, luggage tags, etc.)

Pampering Items: nail polish, shower puffy, tissues, hair bands, comb, warm socks/slippers, blankets, fashion scarves, journals, game books, shower gels, lotions, deodorant, tooth brushes/toothpaste, etc. Think of what you might find comforting if you are unexpectedly stuck overnight w/o a chance to go home to gather necessities. (No candles please.)

***Fisher House doesn’t allow snacks in the rooms but said if you wanted to send snack items, they would be put in their kitchen where they have baskets available for anyone who needs a little treat.

What do you get for your sponsorship and fee?
• Personal sponsorship of a tote bag (for 1 family), includes your personal thank you note to the family, at least one of your books, your swag, etc.
• Your other books/swag included in additional totes for other families and reader giveaway
• Your name on a sponsor flier inside every tote
• Your name listed under “Participating Authors” on the Authors4Veterans website until the next fundraiser begins
• One way for readers to follow you as an entry for the Reader Giveaway (i.e. follow you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) December 2017's reader giveaway of 4 totes resulted in 14K entries and readers loved the giveaway. While the main reason for doing this is to support veterans and their families, we hope you receive a nice promotional boost for your participation as well.
• Should there be any leftover sponsorship money, it will be given as a cash donation to Fisher House Wisconsin.

Mar. 13, 2020 - Deadline for Author sign up & sponsorship payment (Via Paypal:
April 3, 2020 - Deadline for Author donated items to be sent to PJ Fiala (1466 Sandy Springs Ct., De Pere, WI 54115)
May 8, 2020 – Stacey Joy Netzel and PJ Fiala will personally deliver the 30 bags to Fisher House
May 13-22, 2020 - June 26, 2019 - Reader giveaway promoted on the Authors4Veterans website and social media. Winner’s selected on the May 23, 2020.
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