Freetown Police Department Citizen Survey
Dear Resident:

We believe in providing police services that meet the needs of the community in a fair and respectful manner. Our goal is to provide professional service that exceeds your expectations.

Please take a moment to evaluate our service and complete our online survey. Your participation is voluntary and confidential. If you choose to participate, your feedback will serve as a valuable tool that we can use in continuing to build a responsive and professional team.

I will personally review the survey results and make suggestions to management to respond to your needs, finances permitting.

Your honest feelings are important to us. We will work very hard to correct any shortcomings that you may identify and also to give credit to those employees that are doing an outstanding job.

If you have any questions related to the evaluation, please feel free to contact me via e-mail at or by telephone at (508) 763-4017.


Scott M. Rose
Freetown Police Department

Freetown Police Department Citizen Survey
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Under what circumstances have you had contact with the Freetown Police Department in the last two years? *
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How would you rate the speed of the dispatcher handling your call? *
How would you rate the courtesy of the dispatcher handling your call? *
How would you rate the dispatcher handling your call in taking appropriate action? *
Over the past two years, do you believe the quality of life in your neighborhood has: *
Which three (3) of the following activities do you feel are the most important? *
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Of the following, please check two (2) areas where you would like to see our department concentrate: *
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What two (2) public information/education areas do you think our police should emphasize over the next three years? *
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How fearful are you of crime happening to yourself, your family, or your property? *
How safe do you feel, or would you feel, being alone in your neighborhood at night? *
Have you or another member of your family living in the same household been a victim of a crime in your neighborhood within the past year? *
How would you rate the performance of the police officer(s) in responding to your emergency call quickly? *
How would you rate the overall competence of the police officer(s) who handled your matter? *
How would you rate the police officers' attitudes and behavior? *
If you had any contact with a Freetown Police Department detective, how would you rate his or her performance? *
This question applies to detectives only.
How would you rate the overall performance of the Freetown Police Department? *
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