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To be honest, none of us likes to be fearful, living under constant threats that have mental, physical and emotional consequences.

And as long as you run away instead of dealing with your fear, it will always be there, haunting you in everything you do, everywhere you go. Running away only gives you an illusion of security – you may feel safe for a short moment, but only for that short moment. The fear shows up somewhere else in some other form.

Our world today itself is a risky place and evokes many well-founded fears.

• Fear of public speaking
• Fear of people
• Fear of strangers (e.g. introverts who find it hard to make new friends)
• Fear of authority
• Fear of losing out
• Fear of failure
• Fear of loss
• Fear of changes
• Fear of judgment
• Fear of humiliation
• Fear of growing old
• Fear of being alone
• Fear of being hurt
...and more.

But these fears themselves create a new type of risk for our mental and emotional health and well-being that needs to be addressed.

Which is why to me, being fearless doesn’t mean "eliminating fear." It means knowing how to leverage and use fear to the best of your advantage. And to do that, you need to know a few things about what you are dealing with. That's one of the reasons why you need to join Fear Resolve.

The Fear Resolve Process is the complete paradigm shift you need that leaves you 10 times better equipped to deal with your fears, worries and limiting beliefs.

The Fear Resolve Process is a 2-day intensive training and group therapy program that teaches you, through subconscious reprogramming, how to free yourself from fears, worries, anxieties and phobias, minimize stress, increase your motivation levels, and practice discipline.

You will learn cutting-edge skills to powerfully impact your relationships, finances, mental, emotional, spiritual and physical well-being. And you will be able to use these tools for others as well.

Someone even calls this class "a strategic immersion into the time tested principles and practices for conquering our personal and corporate fears."

Past participants have said...

🧠🧠 “I am more aware of my state of mind, my thoughts and my feelings. Praising myself is the best part, it has made me do more things in order to have more things to praise myself for. I am better now than I was only about a week ago." (Adebisi Olatunji-Legend)

🕺🕺“My whole life is transformed, I am more motivated and inspired to aim for and do bigger things. I can now do without things and habits I thought I couldn’t do without before. I have achieved in one month things I couldn’t achieve in almost one year." (Chijioke Moses)

📺📺 “Before the program, there are several things I used to think I couldn’t do and some that I know I can do but didn’t do because of fear. I can now see fear as a television set which I have the remote control to use to switch it to any channel of my choice and can turn it off. Thus, I am no longer fear’s slave but now the boss. Thank you very much once again." (Julius Afolabi Abiodun)

💰💰💰 “At the end of the program, I felt bold to take hold of my finances and joined an online contribution community, opened a savings account with the help of my friend back home. I have gone back to using my daily planner diary to plan my day and this has put a buzz in my mind and increased my motivation." (Mary Mercygrace)

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