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Welcome to the IEA Tutoring Request Page.

Tutor Matching Process
1. If you would like to be paired with a specific tutor make sure to ask them first!
2. Fill out this request form
3. Tutors will go onto the website and select a student(s) to work with from the available requests
4. The Grand Marshal will approve the tutoring match and send you and your tutor an email
5. The tutor and student coordinate their meeting via the email

Please be aware of the tutoring session format before submitting your request:
1. Sessions are 1 hour long
2. You may be grouped with up to 3 students during times of high student to tutor ratio
3. Important: It is both yours and the tutors responsibility to ensure your session is productive
A. It is not realistic to cover an entire lecture in a tutoring session, please request discrete
topics/ concepts
B. Please ensure you give the tutor adequate time to prepare for the material you want to cover
in the session, i.e. do not wait until an hour before the scheduled time to request a topic.
C. If a tutor does not effectively cover the material/ is not adequately prepared, or the session is
otherwise unsatisfactory please contact Yasien (Grand Marshal) at immediately to have the problem resolved.
4. Remember: Tutors are students as well who are volunteering their time for you. Please be
respectful to them and come prepared to participate and learn. If you must cancel or reschedule
your session let the tutor know ASAP.
5. Any comments or recommendations? Let us know! Submit a feedback form on the IEA website.

Please Note: The time it takes to match you for a tutoring session will depend on tutor availability. If you feel that you have been in the queue for an extended period, please contact Yasien Eltigani (Grand Marshal) at

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