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Want to rep Blunted Objects and create sick content for us? Do you work in the cannabis industry and want to help spread the word? Fill out the form below as detailed as possible. Due to large volume of requests, please understand we cannot get back to everyone. Looking forward to hearing from you!

*Note: if you are applying to be a professional model, you must be local or mobile to LA.

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Terms of Agreement
By submitting this form you agree to allow Blunted Objects to use images associated with the collaboration for advertising, promotions, marketing and social media shares. Social Media Requirement: If approved you agree to tag Blunted Objects in your social media photos as well as in the caption. For YouTube; We require Blunted Objects to be used in your title as well as linked in the caption. Website/Blog Requirements: Post link to including "Blunted Objects" in post title.
*I agree and understand the terms above. By checking this box I represent and warrant that I have the full legal capacity to execute this release and agree to these terms to participate. *
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