Corporations Offering Support
Thank you for reaching out to support Women Who Code - Silicon Valley. We can use your help in many ways. Women Who Code is a 501(c3) non-profit organization. Your donation is tax deductible.
Give us some information on what, when, how often, how much you can provide support. Or leave it open!

Examples of how you can support WWCode-SV:

1- You can host a group (usually evenings, study groups or Hack Clubs of <20persons, frequency is TBD, meal required), a speaker series (usually evenings, frequency is TBD, food required, 20-80 persons)

2- You can Host or Sponsor a Hackathon (one time event usually at a large facility, We will mobilize multiple sponsors for food, etc. Usually on a weekend for 12 hrs, 50-150 persons). You may sponsor any or all of food, prizes, swag, etc.

3- You can let us know about internships and/or job opportunities (email to both email addresses below)

4- You can donate funds in support of our non-profit organization (email to both email addresses below)

Note: We may not immediately contact you if we are in planning mode and have not finalized resource needs. But we will keep your generous support in mind and will reach out. You can reach us anytime at : (Headquarters) (Silicon Valley chapter)

More information on sponsorship and about the organization can be found here:

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Provide detail: e.g. "food for 100 max", or if hosting: "Every other Tuesday for 4 months", "Need 1 month advanced notice to approve and schedule", "tell us and we'll see if it works", "only weeknights", "only weekends", "contact xyz and find latest restrictions", ....
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