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Thanks for considering being a part of our future photoshoots. We love capturing pictures of Shuswap-loving people throughout the year. We've got a few questions for you to help sort out how we might be able to work together sometime in the future.

We won't use any of this information for anything other than contacting you about photoshoots. We are always on the look out for people who adventure around the Shuswap to be in our shoots. By filling out this form, it does not mean you will be for sure - we typically work with 3-5 people per shoot and do a couple shoots per year. Also from time to time, we do a super quick shoot with folks to get shots of 1-2 products at a time.
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From time to time we do quick shoots (15 mins max) when we need to get shots of a new product, would you be interested in doing any of those with us? *
A couple times a year, we do bigger photoshoots (40 mins +), would you be interested in doing any of those with us? *
Where in the Shuswap do you reside? *
Are you in the Shuswap all year? *
How do you spend your time in the Shuswap? *
Occasionally we use content ambassadors to help us create awesome content. We'll provide them with a product and they'll share their Shuswap adventure pics with us to use on our website or in social media. Would you be interested in partnering with us in that way?
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