Undoing Racism Workshop, Ithaca
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Undoing Racism Workshop, a signature workshop facilitated by the People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond, will take place in Ithaca, NY April 6 – 8th and registration is now open to the public.

The Undoing Racism Workshop is 2 days + an evening; April 6 (5-9pm), 7 (9am – 5pm) and 8 (9am – 5pm). Registrants must be able to commit to attending the entire workshop. Location: announced when registration confirmed.

Cost is $350 per person, $175 for small non-profit organization staff and high school students.
These are standard costs for PISB workshops.

Register now via this form. Once the form is complete, you will find a link to the payment page. Payment is needed to confirm your spot.

The Ithaca Undoing Racism Workshop is being organized and hosted by The Groundswell Center for Local Food & Farming, the Multicultural Resource Center, the Youth Farm Project and Tommy Miller, and can only accommodate a limited number of individuals.

While there are organizations in Ithaca providing anti-racism education, the objectives of bringing the People’s Institute to Ithaca are to:
- Cultivate a shared language around racism, white privilege, equity and diversity within an organization’s staff and board to inform recruitment, hiring and retention
- Establish a cohort of local graduates who identify actionable steps towards undoing racism in Ithaca and surrounding areas and commit to post workshop collaboration
- Enable local social justice leaders to participate in a workshop with peers, co-workers and community members
- Call-in people in decision making positions to understand why race is central to multiple sectors including food, education, policy, social services, foundations and private business
- Build our community’s capacity to undo racism and implement anti-racist strategies and policies

More about the Undoing Racism Workshops and the People Institute, can be found on their website, http://www.pisab.org/programs.

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All participants who pay <$350 will likely be expected to attend at least two follow-up facilitated sessions with program participants as a way to work together to uphold racial justice efforts. This commitment is required by one possible funding source which, if secured, will make these workshops cheaper for everybody.
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