Small Business Technical Assistance Needs Survey
The Community Development Corporation of South Berkshire (CDCSB) is applying for funding to provide free, professional technical assistance to small businesses based in the southern Berkshires. Please help us understand your business needs, especially during this COVID-19 crisis, so that we can all come out of this time in the strongest place possible. We appreciate all your answers but if there is a question you feel is not relevant to your business or you are not comfortable answering, please feel free to skip it. All information shared is confidential.

Please take 5 minutes to fill out this survey so that we can find a way to support your business during this time.

For any questions or additional information:
Is your business located in the southern Berkshires? (South of Pittsfield)
Which best describes your business or organization?
What sector is your business in?
Is your business/organization designated an “Essential Service” under Governor Baker’s emergency order to close non-essential services?
Is your business currently open?
How many Full Time Equivalent employees did you have prior to the COVID-19 pandemic? (Include the owner and full and part-time hours)
How many Full Time Equivalent employees do you currently have? (Include the owner and full and part-time hours)
How many Full Time Equivalent employees do you expect to have when the crisis subsides? (Include the owner and full and part-time hours)
Does your business hire seasonal employees and if so, how many full time equivalent positions? (If no, skip the question.)
Under 5
Over 21
If your business if currently closed, are you planning to reopen?
Running my business remotely is:
Have you changed the products or services offered by your business during this crisis?
Rate each category of information, counseling or training you need? (1 =Least important, 6=Most important)
Assistance to evaluate and develop a reopening plan and how to sustain business
Social Media Marketing assistance to develop & implement a plan
Advice from an expert (Legal, Financial, Human Resources, Operations, Marketing)
Financial strategies for obtaining and maintaining working capital
Peer support from other business owners to share information and collaborate
How to use Zoom, Skype or similar platforms
Please list other forms of assistance that can help your business.
Your answer
Have you applied for any of the following? (Check all that apply)
What financial impact do you anticipate the COVID-19 crisis having on your business/organization? (Select one)
Write briefly about your own business experiences and anxieties given the current situation.
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Optional: Please share your Name and Business Name
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Optional: Please share your email, address, and phone number.
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What town is your business located in?
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Are you a US Military Veteran?
What is the best way to get information to you? (Check all that apply)
Thank you very much for your time completing this survey. Please share any other thoughts about how to best support southern Berkshire businesses during this crisis.
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